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Since the establishment of Tijan Dental Center, our main goal has been to provide high-quality services at reasonable fees to everyone and to take care of the health and safety of our patients through continuous development in all our services. Our accumulated experience and continued success have given us the opportunity to open an integrated center equipped with the latest equipment and technologies used. We seek to provide an atmosphere of trust and excellence between clinics and patients…

Tijan Dental Center

What we offer:

Tijan Dental Center provides its clients with a wide range of services with the help of the latest technologies available in dentistry today. Our dental clinics are fully equipped with advanced radiography equipment and system. We ensure that our radiography systems provide fast, scientific and accurate results with minimal safety risks and provide comfortable and effective dental care in a sterile and safe environment. We ensure that we implement all safety and sterilization guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health in Bahrain.